Game Organizer:

MOBILREDFOX Ltd. (Registered Office: 3300 Eger, Kistályai út 5.; Company Registration Number: 10-09-035724, Tax Number: 25540998-2-10) (hereinafter: MOBILREDFOX or Organizer)

Duration of the Prize Game:

From 18:00 on 2023.11.16 to 23:59 on 2023.12.31

The daily prize draw time: Starting from 2023.11.17, every day until 2023.12.31.

The main prize draw time: 2024.02.01.

Players acknowledge that if the Organizer's target of 250,000 customers is not met on MOBILREDFOX operated websites within the specified time, Mobilredfox may unilaterally extend the game duration until 2024. February 29. 

Participation in the Prize Game, Awarding of the Prize, and its Timing:

In the Game, only natural persons over the age of 16, who have a residence or domicile in the following European Union countries, valid personal identification issued by any country's authority, and own a Mobilredfox webshop profile, and who are competent during the entire duration of the Game and do not fall into the excluded persons category (“Player”), can participate.

Participating countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium.

Persons under the age of 16 can only participate in the Game with the consent of their legal representative and receive the prize. The consent must be presented to Mobilredfox customer service upon request by any Player or Winner.

Participation in the Game is possible by creating an individual profile on the Mobilredfox website and purchasing the Product.

A total of 46 (forty-six) daily winners are selected by a computerized draw between November 17, 2023, and December 31, 2023, and the main prize winner is selected by a computerized draw on February 1, 2024. If MOBILREDFOX extends the game duration, the draw will be held on the 30th day following the last day of the extended period, provided MOBILREDFOX reaches 250,000 purchases by the last day of the game duration (until 23:59). The Organizer draws 46 (forty-six) daily winners and one main prize from those Players who are among the 250,000 customers at the time of the prize draw and meet the above conditions.

The prize is 1000 EUR (one thousand euros) once a day, totaling 46 (forty-six) times. The main prize is 50.000 EUR (fifty thousand) in case the below conditions are met. 

The Organizer reserves the right to change the Prize and replace it with another prize of equal value.

By participating in the game, Players acknowledge that if MOBILFOX does not reach the target of 250,000 customers by the original or extended duration of the game (until 23:59), and the Organizer does not further extend the duration of the Game, then the Organizer deems the game invalid and no draw for the main prize winner will be held.

We inform you that every registered Player who purchases at least one Full-Shock or Pro-Shock case with a Mystery box during the Prize Game duration participates and accepts the terms and conditions stated in the current Game Rules.

The Game does not qualify as a gambling game as defined in the 1991 XXXIV Act on the organization of gambling games. 

MOBILREDFOX creates a closed database from the participating Players. From this database, MOBILREDFOX randomly (without human intervention) selects the daily winners using a computer. The main prize winner is drawn in the presence of a notary public at the specified time. The draw is not public.

The Organizer draws a total of 47 (forty-seven) Winners, no alternative winners are drawn.

If the winner does not respond within 12 hours, or if the participation in the Game is invalidated for any reason, or if excluded for other reasons specified in the current game rules, or if the Prize is not collected at the pre-agreed time and place, then the Prize will not be redrawn.

Location of Publication of these Game Rules:

https: [

Participation Conditions:

Only those who meet the conditions of these Game Rules can participate in the Game:

  • Must have a Mobilfox customer profile on any of the Mobilredfox websites:
  • Must have purchased at least one Full-Shock or one Pro-Shock case (Product) along with a Mystery box during the period between 00:00:01 on 2023.11.16 and 23:59:59 on 2023.12.31
  • Must not have canceled their order within 30 days from placing it, must have received the Product and not withdrawn from the purchase, and must not have returned the Products within 30 days of receipt.

and accepts all conditions written in these Game Rules and consents to the handling of their provided data as specified in these Game Rules.


Daily prize is 1000 EUR (one thousand euros), and the main prize is 50.000 EUR (fifty thousan euros).

The Prize is not transferable to others and is only awarded to the Winner by the Organizer.

MOBILREDFOX notifies the winning Player within 24 hours after the draw as follows ("Notification"):

  • MOBILREDFOX informs the winner about the Prize within 24 hours after the closed draw, after which the winner must contact MOBILREDFOX customer service within 12 hours to coordinate the details of receiving the Prize.   

The winning Player is obliged to confirm the Notification within 12 hours as stated above and contact MOBILREDFOX customer service. To clearly identify the Winner, a photo ID must be presented during a video call or in person to MOBILREDFOX customer service. These personal details are not stored. For children under the age of 16, the identification of the parent exercising parental supervision is necessary in the same manner. If the Winner does not confirm the Notification within the specified deadline or does not provide the necessary details for receiving the Prize, the winning Player is disqualified.

MOBILREDFOX excludes from the Game those Players who cannot be awarded the Prize because the personal details provided in the Notification confirmation are not real, incomplete, or incorrect, or if the Player does not meet the personal conditions written in these Game Rules due to other reasons. The Organizer is not responsible for any false information provided by the Player.

The Organizer states that its responsibility only extends to providing the Prize, and ensuring additional conditions related to the use of the Prize is not its obligation.

MOBILREDFOX excludes its liability for any circumstances that arise after the Prize is awarded during or in connection with the use of the Prize by the winner or a third party.


Employees, agents, owners, senior officials, or those in any other work-related legal relationship with MOBILREDFOX or organizations involved in organizing or conducting the Game, as well as their relatives as defined in section 8:1. § (1) item 2. of the Civil Code, are not eligible to participate in the Game.

Participation in the Game is voluntary.

Winners who lose their entitlement to the Prize due to unsuccessful contact (e.g., not receiving the message due to individual settings of the email program or social media platform, etc.) are not entitled to further complaints with MOBILREDFOX, thus MOBILREDFOX excludes its liability for the failure to award the Prize, which is a consequence of the winner being unreachable for any reason after the award of the Prize.

If the winner's provided details are not true or incomplete, or if there is any reason that disqualifies them from receiving the Prize, MOBILREDFOX will not announce a reserve winner.

Receiving the Prize is conditional upon proving one's identity. If the winning Player cannot present their ID card (or passport) when receiving the Prize, they lose their entitlement to the Prize. In this case, the reserve winner does not take their place.

The Winner is responsible for all other incurred costs. If applicable, MOBILREDFOX bears and pays the postal costs.

By participating in the Game, the Player automatically consents to the publication of audio and video recordings and photographs on the following platforms: the Organizer's website, social media platforms, and in printed and electronic advertising materials.

MOBILREDFOX excludes its liability for the malfunction of its website due to external reasons, during which time the website is not or is only limitedly usable, but will immediately take all necessary measures to investigate and resolve the cause of the error.

MOBILREDFOX excludes its liability for any external attacks on the website or the server operating it. Therefore, if you receive false system messages due to an attack on the website or server, MOBILREDFOX assumes no liability for such cases.

MOBILREDFOX is not liable for the availability and operation of telecommunication and IT equipment, or for the actions of third parties. MOBILREDFOX is not responsible for the incorrect operation of online platforms due to independent reasons, especially: server errors or unavailability operating the online platform, lack of internet connection, malfunctions in the backbone network, unsuccessful connections to the internet platform or parts of it.

By participating in the Game, Players accept the principles of impartial and moderated communication. MOBILREDFOX does not wish to engage in negative communication regarding the Game or MOBILREDFOX. Questions and objections related to the game or its organization should be addressed to via message.

The data provided in the Game are stored in the MOBILREDFOX database and used as specified in the Game Rules.

MOBILREDFOX reserves the right to modify the conditions set out in these Game Rules. MOBILREDFOX is entitled to exclude any player from the Game, especially if there is suspicion of abuse or breach of the terms related to the Game, or if a player manipulates the course of the Game in any way or acts in bad faith.

The Game can be terminated at any time before the expiry of the specified duration in the event of force majeure (such as war, earthquake, disaster, epidemic, strike, or similar unexpected events), including cases where the Organizer is unable to ensure the proper conduct of the Game due to reasons beyond their control. The Organizer is not liable for the use of the Game or changes to the Game Rules, nor for the suspension, prohibition, interruption, or termination of the Game, and excludes any compensation or indemnity for direct or indirect damages and costs arising from these, which the Player expressly acknowledges by participating in the Game.

If technical or security problems arise during the Game that make the lawful conduct of the Game impossible or jeopardize it, the Organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Game.

Amendments to these Game Rules, or notifications about the possible suspension or termination of the Game, will be published by MOBILREDFOX at

The Organizer automatically excludes participants who provide false information from the Game. The Organizer may inspect the Players for compliance with the conditions of the Game Rules, and if for any reason they do not meet these conditions, the affected Player may be excluded from the Game. There is no further legal dispute regarding exclusion.

Players who participate in the Game with false information may be excluded by the Organizer’s discretion. Participants or Players who demonstrate dishonest behavior as specified in this clause are obliged to compensate for all damages caused to the Organizer in connection with the Game.

MOBILREDFOX reserves the right to immediately exclude any Player from the Game if they suspect or observe any (computer) manipulation, creation of mass-generated profiles, or behavior incompatible or offensive to the spirit of the Game.

The Organizer is not liable for the non-delivery or delay of the Prize due to reasons beyond their control, or for damages incurred during the awarding of the Prize.

If the winner does not collect their Prize at the time agreed upon with the Organizer, they cannot subsequently claim it from the Organizer.

Hungarian law applies to this Game and its Game Rules.

Regarding taxation of the cash prize:

  • The Player acknowledges that for Hungarian citizen private individuals winning, MOBILREDFOX will pay the winner the amount of the prize remaining after deducting the necessary 15% personal income tax and 13% social contribution tax;
  • For non-Hungarian citizen private individual winners, the winner must send or deliver the necessary tax residency certificate to MOBILREDFOX within 15 working days following their request, but no later than at the time of prize collection. In the certificate, the non-Hungarian citizen private individual winner must declare that they are taxed in their country of citizenship according to the applicable tax rules for income earned from the prize. The Player acknowledges that making this declaration is a condition for receiving the prize.


By accepting the Terms, you expressly consent, with appropriate information, to MOBILREDFOX as the data controller, under Article 6(1)(a) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter: GDPR), repealing Directive 95/46/EC, and in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, to process and store your data for the purpose of participation in the Prize Game and communication for the necessary duration until the purpose of data processing is achieved or consent is withdrawn, as outlined in the privacy notice.

You can access MOBILREDFOX's detailed privacy notice at

Legal Basis for Data Processing

We inform you that MOBILREDFOX processes the data of Players based on their consent in accordance with Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR for the Prize Game, and the data of selected winners based on the performance of a contract under Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR for the purpose of delivering prizes and fulfilling the gift contract.

Scope and Duration of Data Processing

In organizing the Prize Game and sending out prizes, MOBILREDFOX processes the following data:

For all players: Name, Email address, Phone number.

For winners: Name, Email address, Phone number, and data required for organizing accommodation and travel as requested by the accommodation provider and travel organizer.

The duration of data processing: 5 years after the conclusion of the Game based on the general statute of limitations of the Civil Code. Financial data generated in relation to the Prize, qualifying as accounting documents, are processed by MOBILREDFOX for at least 8 years under Section 169(2) of Act C of 2000 on Accounting.

If your data is processed based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time without restriction, condition, and justification by sending an email to Following the withdrawal of your consent, MOBILREDFOX will immediately delete your processed data.

Automated Decision Making (Including Profiling):

There is no automated decision-making, including profiling, in the data processing.

Recipients of Personal Data:

No targeted data transmission occurs in direct connection with the current Prize Game. However, in the case of registered accounts, the Data Controller transmits data to its processors (especially Shopify and Infobip), through which some personal data may be transferred to a third country (especially the United States). Detailed information on the data transmitted to each processor, the details of data processing, and the legal bases permitted under Chapter V of the GDPR can be found in Appendix 3 of the data processing information.

Data Security

The data controller does everything possible to ensure that data is not accidentally damaged or destroyed. The specific data security measures are described in detail in the data processing information.

The Rights of the Data Subject

The data subject's rights to data protection and legal remedies, as well as their limitations, are detailed in the GDPR (especially Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 77, 78, 79, and 82). We summarize the most important provisions below.

Right to Information:

If the Data Controller processes personal data concerning the Player, the Data Controller is obliged to provide the Player with information on the most important characteristics of the data processing, such as the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, the identity and contact details of the Data Controller and its representative, the recipients of the personal data, and the Player's rights and legal remedies related to data processing (including the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority). The Data Controller provides this information by making this notice available to the Player.

Right of Access:

The Player has the right to obtain confirmation from the Data Controller as to whether or not personal data concerning them are being processed, and, if such processing is taking place, access to the personal data and certain related information, including the purposes of the data processing, the categories of personal data concerned, the recipients of the personal data, the (planned) duration of the data processing, the rights and legal remedies of the data subject (including the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority), and, in the case of data collection from the data subject, information on the source of the data. Upon request of the Player, the Data Controller provides a copy of the personal data being processed. The Data Controller may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs for any additional copies requested by the Player. The right to request a copy must not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others. The Data Controller provides information on the possibility of issuing a copy, its method, possible costs, and other details upon the request of the Player.

Right to Rectification:

The Player has the right to have inaccurate personal data concerning them rectified without undue delay upon request. Taking into account the purposes of the data processing, the Player has the right to have incomplete personal data completed, including by means of providing a supplementary statement.

Right to Erasure:

The Player has the right to have personal data concerning them erased without undue delay upon request, and the Data Controller is obliged to erase personal data without undue delay under certain conditions. Among other things, the Data Controller is obliged to erase personal data upon the request of the Player if the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; if the Player withdraws the consent on which the processing is based and there is no other legal ground for the processing; if the personal data have been unlawfully processed; if the Player objects to the processing and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing; if the personal data have to be erased for compliance with a legal obligation in Union or Member State law to which the Data Controller is subject; if the personal data have been collected in relation to the offer of information society services.

Consequences of Withdrawing Consent When Data Processing is Based on Consent: Since consent is given by selecting the function and using the application, withdrawing consent means that the Player will not use the application.

We inform you that the withdrawal of the Player's consent does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing carried out before the withdrawal based on the consent.

Right to Restriction of Processing:

The Player has the right to request the Data Controller to restrict processing if any of the following applies:

  1. a) The Player contests the accuracy of the personal data, in which case the restriction applies to the period enabling the Data Controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data;
  2. b) The processing is unlawful, and the Player opposes the erasure of the data and requests the restriction of their use instead;
  3. c) The Data Controller no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but the Player requires them for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.

If processing is restricted under the above conditions, such personal data shall, with the exception of storage, only be processed with the Player's consent, or for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims, or for the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person, or for reasons of important public interest of the Union or of a Member State.

The Data Controller informs the Player in advance if the restriction of processing is lifted.

Right to Data Portability:

The Player has the right to receive the personal data concerning them, which they have provided to the Data Controller, in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, and has the right to transmit those data to another Data Controller without hindrance from the Data Controller to which the personal data have been provided, if:

  1. a) The processing is based on consent given by the Player or on the performance of a contract (in which the Player is a party); and
  2. b) The processing is carried out by automated means.

In exercising their right to data portability, the Player has the right to have personal data transmitted directly from one Data Controller to another, where technically feasible.

The right to data portability must not adversely affect the rights to erasure and must not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.

Legal Remedies

The Data Controller makes every effort to ensure that personal data are processed in accordance with the law. If the data subject feels that this has not been complied with, they can write their comments to the email address, or to the postal address of the Mobilredfox office at 1061 Budapest, Dalszínház utca 2. 4th floor. If they feel that their right to the protection of personal data has been violated according to the applicable law, they can seek legal remedy at the competent authorities: the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11.) or in court. The legal remedies available to the data subjects – among others – are included in the provisions of the GDPR. Data subjects can request information about the processing of their personal data at any time, which the Data Controller can only refuse in exceptional cases as provided by the relevant law. In the event of refusal to provide information, the Data Controller will inform in writing on which provision the refusal is based. If the data subject turns to the court in case of violation of their rights, the court will handle the case out of turn. The adjudication of the case falls within the jurisdiction of the regional court, but the case can also be initiated before the regional court according to the residence or stay of the affected person, at the choice of the Player. The Data Controller is obliged to prove that data processing complies with the law. If the Data Controller causes damage to someone by unlawful processing of the data subject's data or by violating data security requirements, they are obliged to compensate for it. If the Data Controller violates the data subject's personality rights by unlawful processing of their data or by violating data security requirements, the data subject may claim damages. The Data Controller is exempt from liability for damage caused and the obligation to pay damages if it proves that the damage or violation of the data subject's personality rights was caused by an unavoidable cause outside the scope of data processing. Compensation for damage and claims for damages need not be paid to the extent that the damage or infringement of personality rights caused by the infringement of law was due to the intentional or grossly negligent behavior of the injured party.